Multi Sensory Rooms by Mike Ayres Design

Multi-sensory rooms for education, stimulation and fun
Multi-sensory rooms evolved from the groundbreaking Dutch concept of ‘Snoezelen’ in the early 1980s. A multi-sensory room is a stimulating multi media environment, specifically designed to encourage people to use and explore their senses - whatever their level of ability.

Sensory involvement helps people develop and grow
A multi-sensory room supports the positive development of people across a wide range of specific needs:

  • Those with profound multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) find that sensory equipment helps them find out about the world around them in a highly practically yet entertaining way
  • People with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) learn to interact with their surroundings in a safe, uncluttered and unthreatening environment, at their own pace
  • Adults and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) gain useful insights about concentration and focus while exploring and having fun
  • Those with a visual impairment (VI) benefit from experimenting and interacting freely with lights, sounds, smells and exciting tactile materials
  • Individuals with emotional and behavioural disorders (EBD) enjoy the variety of sensory experiences, which helps them express and centre their emotions as well as learning useful coping strategies

Easy, exciting and safe to control
Mike Ayres’ Multi-Sensory Rooms offer people wonderfully varied and exciting sensory stimulation. They include specialised equipment for auditory, visual, tactile and olfactory experiences. And they can be controlled by anyone, whatever their ability.

A Multi-Sensory Room allows people to explore, learn, understand and communicate more effectively using all the senses they have available. Mike Ayres Design has been creating Multi-Sensory Rooms since 1987, designing many of our pioneering products ourselves, including:

  • Mesmerising sound light screens
  • Amazing infinity huts
  • Attention grabbing aroma boxes
  • Versatile sound-light floors
  • Wonderful sensory studios
  • Fun, fully controllable windboxes
  • Tough, beautiful tactile panels and tactile murals
  • Gorgeous tactile floors
  • Entertaining voice distortion units
  • Exciting responsive fibre optic light units
  • Our super-efficient, safe Switch 2 control system

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